Hi ,

This error appears to me when I generate the demand forecasting process:   <OLE Object: Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) >>

How could I solve this problem, check the assurances and it is not linked to that I would like to know how I could solve it since I would not know where the error is going

this is the complete error message.

The query <Alter AllowCreate = "true" ObjectExpansion = "ObjectProperties" xmlns = "">schemas.microsoft.com/.../engine">                               <Object>                         <DatabaseID> Demand Forecast initial </DatabaseID>                         <CubeID> ReqDemandPlanningCube </CubeID>                         <MeasureGroupID> ReqDemPlanForecastView </MeasureGroupID>                         <PartitionID> WriteTable_ReqDemPlanForecastView_5637144576 </PartitionID>                     </Object>                               <ObjectDefinition>                                 <Partition xmlns: xsd = "">www.w3.org/.../XMLSchema" xmlns: xsi = "">www.w3.org/.../XMLSchema-instance" xmlns: ddl2 = "http: / /schemas.microsoft.com/analysisservices/2003/engine/2 "xmlns: ddl2_2 =" schemas.microsoft.com/.../2 "xmlns: ddl100_100 =" http: // schemas .microsoft.com / analysisservices / 2008 / engine / 100/100 "xmlns: ddl200 =" schemas.microsoft.com/.../200 "xmlns: ddl200_200 =" http://schemas.microsoft .com / analysisservices / 2010 / engine / 200/200 ">                                   <ID> WriteTable_ReqDemPlanForecastView_5637144576 </ID>                                   <Name> WriteTable_ReqDemPlanForecastView_5637144576 </Name>                                   <Source xsi: type = "TableBinding">                                     <DataSourceID> Dynamics Database </DataSourceID>                                     <DbTableName> WriteTable_ReqDemPlanForecastView_5637144576 </DbTableName>                                   </Source>                                   <StorageMode> Molap </StorageMode>                                   <ProcessingMode> Regular </ProcessingMode>                                   <Type> Writeback </Type>                                 </Partition>                               </ObjectDefinition>                             </Alter> was not satisfactory due to the Errors in the metadata manager exception. The 'Demand Forecast Count' measure group is not allowed to be write-enabled if any measure aggregates other than sum ..