Hi All,

I have created new extension (CustTable.Extension1) for custTable and added new fields and field group (Test).

Created another extension (CustTable.Extension2) for custable and added new field into the above created field group(Test).

I have two separate form (CustTable.Extension1 and CustTable.Extension2). When i am opening the form design of CustTable.Extension2 from visual studio i can see the both extension controls. When i am opening the custTable form through browser i am not able to see the controls which are added in custTable.Extension2 table. Its shows only the controls which are added in CustTable.Extension1.


I already have reference package setups

I have tried by restoring the field groups in CustTable.Extension2 form.

Re-selected the field group property from CustTable.Extension1 form. Still it’s not working.

Tried by both the models and Sync.

Did anyone faced this issue, any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.!