Hi AX 2012 users,

I have a challenge with my planned purchase orders, which i havent been able to solve by myself, trying endless types of different item coverage setup, google searches, sessions with our internal ax consultant, you name it. 

In this example from one of our standard items - with our standard coverage group for purchase items, this happens:

I have a safety stock at 466,67 pcs. However, my planned purchase orders keep fullfilling my minimum long before i reach the point of the safety stock. In my perspective, the planned purchase order should be placed just above the safety stock at 466,67 pcs in the accumulated inventory - not at 1168 pcs. 

I have also tried to insert a max inventory - but it had no effect. 

Below is a accumulated view of the net req, as well as a screenshot of the settings in the coverage group. I did not create the current settings, so dont ask me about the positive an negative days or the time fence. Some items have lead times for up to 200 days. 

If anyone have some suggestions of what could be done differently, dont hesitate.