Hi there,

I'm fairly new to the AX world so please excuse my ignorance on all the technical aspects. Slight smile


   Basically the issue is that I'm not seeing the above lines when in the Storage Dimension Groups screen and when switching on the 'Use Warehouse Management' option.

   (Also in the Tracking Dimension Groups I only see Batch Number, Serial and Device Number)


   We are currently using AX 2012 R3 CU8 and using the WMS II but want to switch to Advanced Warehousing to enable the use of Mobile devices as well all the warehousing functionality

   I have switched off the licenced key for WMS II and enabled the "Warehouse and Transport key under Trade" - note even before doing this we are were/not seeing the Pallet Id line - only Site, Warehouse

    and Location. 

Could anyone please give me a nudge on any setup etc I'm missing.

Kind Regards