This sales order is picked and packed.  It was shipped out on 4/29/2022.  The order should have been invoiced on 4/29/2022 via the batch job but the user notified us today 5/2/2022 that the order did not get invoiced.  When manually trying to invoice it, we get an error saying "Sales order: SOxxxxxxx   Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. 

This occurs just on this sales order;  all other orders are invoicing without any issue.  We're on AX 2012 R3 CU9.

Things I have tried so far to invoice the sales order:

1.   I tried to invoice it on other AOS's.  In the past, it was rare when we got this error, and to fix it, we would log into a different AOS and manually invoice the order, but this did not work for us this time.

2.   I ran the posting without Executing business operation in CIL.  I did this manually, not in batch.

As mentioned, the order was shipped on 4/29/2022.   On the Sales order, in the Action pane, when we click on 'Release check', we get the following.  Note the two red errors.

Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.