Hi.  The scenario we have is that a sales line has been created and exploded and a production order for the same qty as the sales line has been created.  The production order has been moved through its stages and it now at "Report as Finished".  The inventory trans data shows that the status of "received" for this production order.   When we try to update the warehouse picking registration we get a message to say there is not enough stock and we discover that the "reserved" field on the picking list reservation screen is unticked. I believe this indicates that there was no warehouse reservation associated with this sales line.  We would expect that the output order qty for the sales line's item is reserved to the production order initially (Reserved Ordered) and consequently when the Prod order is received then the reservation would be Reserved Physical.   We complete thousands of these made to order transaction per month with out issues.  Given the production order qty has been received but is no longer available for reservation, I assume that this qty has been picked up by another sales line.   How can I find what order line has picked up this prod order qty? I'm not keen to troll laboriously through thousands of inventory transactions to find this needle in a haystack?