If you are attending Convergence there are plenty of opportunities to provide feedback to Microsoft around the event, your product, your support plan, your partner, etc.......you can now add one more thing to that list. The Microsoft Dynamics Communities Usability Studies.  This is your chance to give us your feedback and tell us where there are existing pain points and what features you would like to see added to the Microsoft Dynamics Communities.  The 'Microsoft Dynamics Communties' refers to three online properties that Microsoft invests in to deliver added value to our exisitng customers and partners. Definitions below:

The Community - which you are on right now and offers a one stop shop for Dynamics focused forums, blogs, videos and networking.  This site does not require a support plan and is available to all Microsfot Dynamics customers.

CustomerSource - Use CustomerSource to search the Knowledge Base, download updates, view online training, and find other information resources—virtually 24 hours a day. CustomerSource is a password-protected site for customers using Microsoft Dynamics products, provided as a benefit of a service plan. (Windows Live ID sign-in required.)

PartnerSource - PartnerSource is a portal available to partners who focus on Microsoft Dynamics and related business products. Available anytime, it provides up-to-date tools that help our partners increase sales, improve skills, and deliver superior service and products to customers. (Windows Live ID sign-in required.)

There are no right or wrong answers, we are just looking for your honest feedback. The time commitment ranges from 45-90 minutes depending on the study, and you will receive a $150 check when completed (Probably enough to pay for a bar tab while at the event, depending on your definition of fun of course.).  So, to help us to continually improve the Microsoft Dynamics Communities to better serve you schedule a time to conduct a usability study and get paid for it!  To schedule a usability session please contact Ashley Johnson at Usability Sciences at ajohnson@usabilitysciences.com or by phone at 214.445.0255. After she receives your email or phone call, she will work with you to reserve a time for the appropriate study.

Andy Leapaldt | Microsoft Dynamics Community Team
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