Are you looking for a Microsoft Dynamics Partner at Convergence 2011 to help you solve your business challenges based on your industry or vertical? Are you looking for a new Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution to help you manage your inventory? Are you hoping to find training for the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM? You can find this information and more using our new Interactive Expo Hall Tools.

Attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and Microsoft staff now have the ability to easily find partners on the Convergence 2011 expo hall floor based on different criteria: 

  • By Microsoft Product Supported
  • By Vertical
  • By Horizontal

And we are very excited to introduce to you for the first time, an interactive expo hall floor plan map where you can find specific partners based on your own criteria,

You also now have the ability to create your own My Expo list of exhibitors/partners that you want to visit while you are onsite this year.  Create your own My Expo list, based on your criteria by going here, and searching on the criteria most important to you.

 We are very excited to launch these new tools to help make your Convergence 2011 visit even more productive.

Convergence 2011 Atlanta Expo Team- Alexis Post and Marci Eversole,