Welcome to The ATL, ya'll.  And please don't use "HOTlanta" - we'll know you ain't from around here! 

Atlanta has been my home now for 15 years, and I can tell you there is so much to do in our fair city that you just need to skip Convergence now and start touring.  I'm kidding, of course, but with the long hours of convention-going, receptions, parties, lunches and little things like the Masters and the Braves, you'll only have a little bit of time left; so here's how to make the most of it with five things to do in Atlanta:

  • 1) After all the fancy wining and dining you'll be doing, you might need some grease to settle your stomach - so hop in a cab and head over to The Varsity for a little bit of history and lots of burgers, fries and slaw dogs. Oh, and don't forget a "frosted orange" to wash it all down! Just know what you want before you get to the cashier - if you don't they'll send you to the back of the line.
  • 2) You'll get to see the World of Coke and the Aquarium during Sunday's Welcome Party. But be sure to take a stroll around Centennial Olympic Park while you're there. This was the center of it all during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. You'll see spectacular views of the city and open green space surrounded by beautiful lights. Just watch where you step as those Olympic rings in the ground do more than just look pretty!
  • 3) Tired of playing "Microsoft Acronym Bingo" during Convergence? (Can you believe there are so many?) Well, then here's something to fry your brain a bit more (and we do like things fried down South): Head out and start counting the number of streets with the name "Peachtree" in them. And don't stop when you get to 15. Keep going past 20. If you want to know how many, find out here.
  • 4) Brought guests? Have them pick up your souvenirs by heading into Buckhead. Simply take MARTA to the Lenox Station and follow the signs to Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza. While you're walking the convention floor, they will be walking some of the finest shopping malls in the region.
  • 5) If you're from the upper mid-West or the North, chances are you haven't seen too many signs of spring yet, so take a break from Microsoft Dynamics and head over to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to catch all the dynamic bulbs, bushes and trees that are in full bloom this time of year. It only takes a couple of hours so you'll never be missed!

Of course if you don't like this list, check out 50 Things to Do in Atlanta and I'm sure you'll find something to occupy that little bit of free time.  Heck, why sleep?  That's what being back at work is for!

So have fun, learn a bunch and do come back now, y'all hear?

Stuart Wingate

Vice President of Marketing