by Heather Thigpen

I can't believe I just flipped the page in my calendar to November, where is the time going in 2012?  As I look at that Paint Horse dressed as a pilgrim on my calendar, I realize that Nov is actually one of my favorite months.  The weather here in Colorado is crisp and clear (albeit an unexpected blizzard could approach at any time), the holidays are approaching, family becomes a priority and believe it or not, we start thinking about that one special time per year when all of us Dynamic Geeks get together and unite at Convergence.

This will be my 7th Convergence.  They say 7 is a lucky number.  But actually 1-6 wasn't too bad either.  In the past I have been lucky to attend each year and learn more, meet more people, have more fun and travel to new places and even contribute my time to make this world a better place.

I can remember my first Convergence, not much of it, but I remember San Diego.  I was new to Microsoft CRM and just starting to lead an implementation of 20 users on version 3.0 for customer care.  Well over the past 7 years my implementation has grown to 2200 users globally and includes Marketing Sales, Customer Care and even some XRM.  And Convergence has grown right along with me.  It's almost like watching a child grow. 

Each year I come back with something to be excited about, something to share with my users, a new colleague to call to bounce ideas against, a new approach to an old problem.  I come back invigorated and recharged (ok recharge may not be the right word as I generally come back exhausted - but you know what I mean)

This year is going to be big!  I can feel it.  We are back in NOLA-a town with its own special energy.  The surface has just been released and I can't wait to try it out with our apps.  Windows 8 is starting to spread.  Mobile/Tablet solutions are finally main stream.   Social media has found its niche in B:B and B:C markets where it finally is making sense.  BI solutions are bringing the sexy back to our applications.  Dynamics CRM is growing like gang busters.  Wow, Convergence is really like watching your kid grow and it seems like this year our 'kid' is about to be asked to its first dance.

So which Convergence has been my favorite?  Well, my favorite will always be the next one I plan to attend. Like watching your children grow, the memories are amazing but it's the anticipation of what is next to come that always has you excited.   And I hope you will plan to attend too and share in my excitement for what this year's Convergence will bring.

 Heather Thigpen is Director of IT and Customer Systems at IHS, Inc., Englewood, CO.