In many cases, customers are using their Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM solutions with minimal customizations. For those customers, using Connector should be relatively straightforward.  For these organizations, Connector provides a robust, pre-mapped solution that allows customers to get their Dynamics solution configured in the shortest amount of time.

The out-of-the-box entity maps vary slightly by Dynamics ERP. They are focused on mapping customers, inventory items and prices and sales documents.  These are the typical entities required to support Salesfore Automation (SFA) initiatives.

Below is a graphic showing the out-of-the-box entity maps for each ERP. Keep in mind that any of these maps can then be customized to further support specific business needs. 


Dynamics AX


Dynamics GP


Dynamics NAV

 These maps can be extended in numerous ways – from adding a single property on one of the pre-mapped entities, all the way through adding custom entities and maps.  For more complex customizations, the Connector SDK may be required.  Future posts will more fully cover those scenarios.