At Convergence 2012, a customer came to the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics booth asking how they could map Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Sales Tracking Numbers into CRM 2011 using Connector for Microsoft Dynamics, since these number were not exposed by default on the Sales Order to Order map.  I was not at the booth at that time but decided to do a blog post on the topic of adding additional fields from Microsoft Dynamics GP and will be using Sales Order Tacking numbers as the example.

This video will guide you through the process of adding additional fields from the Microsoft Dynamics GP web service to the mapping interface of Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.  This video exposes Sales Tracking Numbers as an example but the same process can be followed for any field that is available in the Microsoft Dynamics GP web service that is not currently available. 

(Please visit the site to view this video)

Key take aways include:

  • Using the Microsoft Dynamics GP web service help file to determine if a field is available to be exposed
  • Modifying an Object Provider Configuration file to expose a new field
  • Working with collections of source objects
  • Using a mapping function to retrieve an instance of an object from a source collection

It should also be noted that in the next service release of Connector for MIcrosoft Dynamics we will be exposing these fields by default.