365 Freelance, the popular web site that connects Dynamics end-users and partners with available independent consultants, is launching a new subscription model in May 2014. So now is your last chance to register for free and find an ideal freelancer from the hundreds on our books.

Hurry up, don’t miss the opportunity to:

-          Search through the hundreds of Dynamics consultants’ profiles

-          Publish adverts for available contract positions

-          Hire someone with a perfect fit


Currently, this is still all for free and there is no additional charge for the people you hire.

As a special concession for any organisation who registers before we launch our subscription model, we will allow you to:

-          Continue to promote your published projects for the next 3 months so you can still receive and view the profiles of the consultants that apply in future, even if you choose not to upgrade to a full subscription.

-          Publish as many projects now before we introduce our subscription model, so you can continue receiving applications in the next 3 months. After the subscription starts, you will need one to publish new projects.

-          Keep your old communication with freelancers you’ve exchanged emails with.

Don’t miss out this opportunity and register for free at www.365freelance.com. For any questions regarding the future subscription charges to companies, do contact us on info@365freelance.com. 365 Freelance will continue to provide free service to all freelancers.


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