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Are you finding that when you look for Dynamics staff, there is a very short supply of good candidates? And if you find a good one, you need to hire them extremely quickly or you will lose them to another firm?

Many Dynamics partners we’ve spoken to tell us that their recruitment process is overcomplicated: it can take a long time, too many people get involved and some key requirements get lost/misunderstood by the different parties. This of course varies depending on the size of the company but here is an example of a typical situation we have been told of by many mid-sized Dynamics partners. There are a lot of people involved in the process:

Head of Services:

Imagine you are a Head of Services at a Microsoft Dynamics partner. You need to hire a couple of contractors to deliver a project that your sales team is about to close. You meet with your HR team and go through your requirements in details (you tell them the skills, the background, the specialisation, the rates, the location required). You spent a short time explaining this and you feel relieved that you’ve delegated the task.

HR team:

The HR team are very experienced and understand your needs very well; they will search through their list of contractors but might not be able to find anyone that meets your criteria. The HR team then is likely to contact a number of recruitment agencies and explain to each and every one the same spec.


Sometimes things get lost in translation and the recruitment agencies are set off to search in their databases for candidates that match the requirements that they thought they understood.

HR team again:

Then HR gets bombarded with CVs that might or might not meet the requirements. Often there is a follow up call/meeting to explain exactly what is needed again so no more unsuitable candidates are referred.

Recruiters again:

This time they know exactly what you need so they might send you some CVs that are good, others that meet only some of the requirements.

HR team yet again:

Another set of CVs are sent for a review. Your HR team filter through all of them and probably choose a couple that you wish to pursue in interview. The HR team works relentlessly coordinating things back and forth between the Head of Services, the Recruitment agency and the potential candidates. This is hard work, as you can imagine.

But this is not the end, I’m afraid… the process goes on and often the good candidates who were available when you kicked off the process have accepted another job.

It could take days if not weeks before you, as Head of Services, actually see some suitable profiles.

It is all very clear that this will change and we will all find a more efficient way of doing the same thing, especially with Internet allowing people to remove many of the unnecessary boundaries in the process.

Wouldn’t it be nice for you or your HR team can access a large database of candidates and search for yourselves?

After all, you know best what you need and you are best placed to decide who is best suited for the role. It will take you the same time as explaining to someone what you need to find them yourself. This way, you can react instantly when you find someone suitable for your projects and reduce the risk of losing this candidate to one of your competitors.

This is the future but the good news is that this is already available and you can do this today.

Our online service, 365 Freelance, enables Dynamics partners and end-users to search through hundreds of registered contractors, use multiple filters (location, availability, rate, experience, etc..) and contact them directly. Sign up with www.365freelance.com and find your next Dynamics freelancers without wasting any precious time.

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