Why use your own resources to do development when you could hire freelance developers? In most cases, using contractors is cheaper, but many partners are worried about the quality of the work. Is this a real risk though?

Good developers are hard to find, especially to hire as an employee. It is also a challenge to keep them motivated (these are clever people who constantly want to stay on top of the latest technologies via training courses and self-help reviewing or writing IT blogs). They can soon become expensive to run and expensive to keep. Many realise their own value and so can easily move to a competitor or decide to become independent.

What should you do if you want the best without paying a fortune?

A lot of Dynamics partners have started using freelance developers. This way they can hire:

-          highly skilled developers when they need them; it is true that day or hourly rates can be high for them but considering they are only hired them for the duration of a chargeable project, it is much cheaper than paying salary, holidays,  training, etc especially once you include any bench time.

-          cheaper offshore resources – you can hire very good developers for as low as £50 or $80 per day – that’s per day, not per hour!

-          both of the above in combination to get the best of both worlds – cheaper and better!

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