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Business Central App Upgrade: New Features in Quality Inspector v7.16

Business Central App Upgrade with Quality Inspector v7.16 enhances quality control and operational efficiency with new features. The post Business Central App Upgrade: New Features in Quality Inspector v7.16 [

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Web resource method does not exist in Dynamics 365 CE

Got the below error while working on Onload of Account record JavaScript in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE. Script Error One of the scripts for this record has caused an error. For more details, download the log file. Web resource method does not exist...

Arun Potti 1,442
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Manual Business Systems are still Relevant!

This morning, I took my granddaughter to the Aviation Museum. The attendant at the counter was writing out manual receipts, as access to this museum also grants entry to the Transport Museum, and proof of entry was required. All their systems were...

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Manage data package generation in Logic Apps, for D365FO, using Azure Functions

Managing data operations using Data Packages is one of the very common execution strategies for any D365F&O implementation. A data package for a finance and operations app can consist of one or many data entities. A typical data package consists o...

Subhad365 7 User Group Leader
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Talk to your data Using Azure AI search and Azure Open AI studio

I am back with yet another blog on amazing capabilities of Azure AI search. It can give you an idea as to how you can set up a search model, based on data and search indexes. And then you can query the same from Azure Open AI studio, using normal ...

Subhad365 7 User Group Leader
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Why Non-profits Need a Modern ERP for Financial Success

Managing the finances of a non-profit organization can feel like a herculean effort – time-intensive and messy, especially when using traditional, manual processes. Complex funding structures, errors and inefficiencies, and […] The post Why Non-p...

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Streamlining Your Sales with the New Sales Pricing Experience in Business Central

For businesses that rely on Business Central to manage their sales, the new Sales Pricing Experience is a game-changer. This feature, available since Business Central 2020 release wave 2 (version […] The post Streamlining Your Sales with the New ...

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Microsoft Unified Technology Stack Prepares Dynamics 365 BC Users for the Future

Have you ever encountered a situation where the technology solution you thought would solve all your business challenges wasn't compatible with your current tech stack? It can be a problem, […] The post Microsoft Unified Technology Stack Prepares...