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In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Administration), how do I… Restore a D...

This article is part of the series and of the wider series which I am posting as I familiarise myself with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. When you delete an environment, it is first soft deleted for a fourteen day period in which you can...

Ian Grieve 22,782
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Understanding Key Phrase Extraction in Power Automate for Text Analysis

The key phrase extraction model identifies the main topics in a text document. For example, if you have a sentence like “The movie was entertaining and the acting was impressive!”, the model would extract key phrases such as “movie”, “entertaining...

Inogic 23,927
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Four Ways to Edit Multiple Records in Dynamics 365

Learn how to efficiently bulk edit in Dynamics 365 Sales. Methods include using the bulk edit button, Excel Online, Power Apps, and exporting to Excel. Manage edits easily and ensure data accuracy.

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{Omnichannel} Automatically remove customer off hold on call transfer

Hello Everyone, Today I am going to share my thoughts on the call handing automatically remove customer off hold on call transfer(preview feature). [

malla 1,264
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Send Unique Event Registration Response With QR Code Using No Code

I’ve written about using the out of the box Marketing Event Registration Created trigger to create emails that can be used in one Journey and still make sure the information in those emails is unique and related to the Event that was registered fo...

meganvwalker 1,784