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Use Drawing Tools, Regions, and Files To Plot and Analyze Data on a Map Integrated...

The post Use Drawing Tools, Regions, and Files To Plot and Analyze Data on a Map Integrated Within Dynamics 365 [] ...

Inogic 23,963
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New Functionality In Microsoft Power Automate 2024 Wave 1: Use Copilot in Automati...

This post is part of the series in which I am taking a look at the new functionality introduced in Microsoft Power Automate 2024 Wave 1. The 20th of the new functionality in the section is use Copilot in automation center to analyze desktop flow r...

Ian Grieve 22,782
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Strategic Optimization in Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain M...

The manufacturing industry is riddled with complexities that can pose significant challenges to businesses operating within it. From managing intricate supply chains to optimizing production processes, manufacturers constantly strive to find ways ...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Reporting Options

Reporting in ERP systems has changed as Microsoft has reimagined how users interact with data. In Business Central, we are no longer constrained by traditional reporting: write the report, print, and then review. Now, you can review the data you n...

ArcherPoint 12,385
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Attachment Control in Power Apps: Implementing File Type Validation

I recently came across a client requirement to create a candidate registration system integrated using canvas apps. The client, a third-party hiring company, wanted to securely store candidate details and along with their resumes in CRM. They spec...

Inogic 23,963
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Webinar: How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations helps win more deals, accel...

“It has become an increasing problem with every project we enter”, Nathan sighed. “The stats at the end of project delivery point at over budgeting, less selling, unaccounted expenses, overuse […] The post Webinar: How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Proj...

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Considerations with Business Units and scoping in CI-J

In D365, Business Units serve as organizational entities that may symbolize a business, department, or team. They are instrumental in managing data access and user permissions. These units can be structured hierarchically, with a parent Business U...

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Using Azure API integration with D365FO: Strategy and walktrhough

This write up talks about Azure APIM and how could we best leverage them to intgerate 3rd party integration systems, synchronously -- keeping in mind perfroamnce pointers.

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