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MB-820: Business Central Developer Certificación

Como bien sabes, en enero de 2024 se lanzó el nuevo examen de certificación de Business Central:  MB-820 Business Central Developer Certification. [

Robyn2018 545
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Maplytics Optimizes Routes and Boosts Productivity for T-GREX

The post Maplytics Optimizes Routes and Boosts Productivity for T-GREX [] appeared first on Blog | Maplytics [].

Inogic 23,969
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New Functionality In Microsoft Power Automate 2024 Wave 1: Use the New Desktop Flo...

This post is part of the series in which I am taking a look at the new functionality introduced in Microsoft Power Automate 2024 Wave 1. The 25th of the new functionality in the section is Use the new desktop flow running timeout property. This fe...

Ian Grieve 22,782
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How to Explore and test Dataverse in the Web API playground (preview)?

The API Playground is a pre-authenticated software testing environment designed to enable creators to interact swiftly and efficiently with the Microsoft Dataverse Web API. This web application facilitates developers in experimenting with various ...

Arun Potti 1,442
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Table as a service: integration designing with D365F&O -- a walkthrough

Table as a service is a very convenient way of high frequency, high volume data exchange, operations, without the need of worrying about the supporting architecture, speed and efficiency. I can make my data be stored and arranged as per any need, ...

Subhad365 7 User Group Leader
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Extracting Subfolder Details from Parent Directory using logic apps

I was working on a SharePoint integration that involved multiple subfolders within a parent folder. Files could be dropped into any of these subfolders, and the trigger needed to detect the folder name to create a corresponding document in D365FO....

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Pam's Pro Tips for Small and Large Teams Attending Community Summit to Maximize Im...

Last year, a company in the supply chain manufacturing industry brought four people to Community Summit.  This year, they are bringing twenty people to Community Summit October 13-17 in San […] The post Pam's Pro Tips for Small and Large Teams At...

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Decoding Dictionaries: Unlocking the Powe...

In the AL language for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the Dictionary data type represents an unordered collection of keys and values optimized for fast lookup of values. In a Dictionary, each key is unique and is used to access its corre...

Brad_P 1,540