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🤖Chat Copilot para Business Central : No te quedes mirando el dedo… mira la luna.

Y llego, llego la primavera y con ella nos llego (en preview y en ingles) las tan esperadas nuevas funcionalidades de Copilot en Business Central. Si, llego Chat Copilot (en adelante ChatBC) y con el las grandes expectativas . Pues bien ,si estáis...

Javier.Armesto 4 UG Leader
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My idea to give something to the community: the CCA License!

If you follow tech news you may have read something about "xz Utils" (you can find an article about it here []). I don't have a solut...

Guido Preite 53,906 Super User
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Dynamics 365 Guides: Enhancing Employee Training with Mixed Reality

Dynamics 365 Guides represents a groundbreaking addition to the Dynamics 365 Suite, leveraging the power of Microsoft Dataverse to optimize accessibility and integration capabilities. This innovative solution empowers users to seamlessly assign wo...

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Multiline Text Migration: Using Configuration Packages in Business Central 24!


Saurav.Dhyani 9,791 UG Leader
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A Performant Solution for SSIS Lookups on Dynamics 365 Data

When it comes to integrating data, especially in complex systems like Dynamics 365, a common task is to search through records using text values instead of direct identifiers like a […] The post A Performant Solution for SSIS Lookups on Dynamics ...

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Navigating Business Central Power BI Challenges: Strategies for Effective Data Man...

In the pursuit of valuable insights from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, many managers and executives are turning to Power BI. This platform, boasting over five million users, stands out […] The post Navigating Business Central Power BI ...