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Is the Insight Works TechWorks 2024 Conference Right for You?

Join this 20-minute "webommercial" where we'll share conference details and answer questions to empower you to decide if the event is for you. The post Is the Insight Works TechWorks 2024 Conference Right for You? [

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In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Purchasing), how do I… Override VAT on...

This article is part of the series and of the wider series which I am posting as I familiarise myself with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. when entering a purchase invoice, you need to match the values entered into Business Central with t...

Ian Grieve 22,782
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Project and Resources in different Time zones within Project – Dynamics 365 Projec...

Came across below insightful post, while looking for details on Calendar Template / Work Template.

Nishant Rana 45 Microsoft Employee
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High speed, multithreaded CRUD with 'Lookup' acitivity in Azure Data Factory

My new blog discusses about updating records in Azure SQL, using Lookup activity in ADF using multi-threaded 'For-each' activity in Pipelines.

Subhad365 5 User Group Leader
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What is ERP Manufacturing Software? A Comprehensive Guide

What is ERP Manufacturing Software? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Manufacturing Software, is a specialized solution that integrates and streamlines all aspects of a manufacturing business. From production planning and inventory […] The post ...

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{Do you know} Automate seamless handoffs between marketing and sales in dynamics ...

Hello Everyone, Today I am going to share my thoughts on Automating seamless handoffs between marketing and sales. [

malla 1,264
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What's New with Dynamics 365 Business Central Power Platform

Business Central Power Platform [] [] DYNAMICS 365 BUSINESS CENTRAL POWER PLAT...

NancyP 80