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Microsoft Dynamics GP - 2023 Year-End Blog Series Schedule!!

Terry R Heley Profile Picture Terry R Heley Microsoft Employee
Your wish is my command, announcing the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2023 Year-End Blog series!
We release this update in November to ensure you have plenty of time to install prior to year-end. In Support, we are often asked, is it OK to install the Year-End Update even though 2023 payrolls are not completely processed. The answer to that is YES YOU CAN! We release the update early to give you this flexibility as we know this time of year is hectic to say the least.
This update is all inclusive of prior updates for Microsoft Dynamics GP. This means it will include 18.3, 18.4, 18.5 and yep you guessed it, 18.6.
As always, we want to make it as easy as possible for you! The Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Team will be publishing blog articles with year-end closing information to assist you with planning for a smooth year-end close. These articles include general questions about year-end processes for that module, and any changes that may affect your Year-End processes for the 2023 year.
Review the year-end pages below for detail list of changes and target release dates.

If you use Canadian Payroll for Dynamics GP, do not install the US Year end update or use the November DVD image as an issue was found.  You can use the October DVD image and wait till the Canadian Year end releases mid-December 2023 for a new install.
Below is the schedule of upcoming blog posts that I know will be useful to you:
As each blog releases, we’ll add the link to this page, so stay tuned.

As each blog releases, we’ll add the link to this page, so keep an eye on this schedule page for each blog as it releases, so you will have all the information needed for a successful 2023 year-end in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  
Note: The Year-End Update will be an all-inclusive update and includes all prior service packs, hot fixes, etc.
For Microsoft Dynamics GP customers if you install the 2023 year-end update, you will have all the features noted in the October 2023 release.
Dynamics GP Learning is the headquarters for all your Dynamics GP Documentation needs. We continually add new information on the site. This is your go to source to learn about new features or maybe you have a new user in your company that needs to learn the product. Microsoft is gradually working our way through converting the legacy manuals. We believe in the strength of the Dynamics GP community, and we welcome additional contributions. The future is online for the Dynamics GP content because it's easier to maintain.

I hope the information above will help you to have a smooth and successful year end!
Terry Heley