Hello Team,

recently I've deployed demo environment with Business Central container (with http://aka.ms/getnav - as my favorite way). And found out that it doesn't have Cronus demo company. I've used microsoft/bcsandbox image, so it was W1 localization. As I understood - you get Cronus company only with US localization image (microsoft/bcsandbox:us). But there is a way to get it in other localizations.

First of all - let's inspect Business Central image:

Do you see the first folder?

We have rapidstart package with demo data on docker image. We need EXTENDED package. So, let's use Nav Container Helper to get it from docker image. Execute next script:

Copy-FileFromNavContainer -containername navserver -containerpath c:/configurationpackages/NAV12.3.W1.ENU.extended.rapidstart -localpath C:\temp\NAV12.3.W1.ENU.extended.rapidstart

This way you'll get rapidstart package in your C:\temp folder:

After that - just import package and apply it:

We've got Cronus company with all demo data:

Hope, this post was useful for you!