One of the key differentiators for Dynamics 365 Business Central is the passion and engagement that our partner community has for the product. Together with this strong community, we’ve brought Business Central to many countries in the world. Now, we’re looking to our community for subject matter experts (SMEs) who can help localize for these countries.

Open source is a great way for our partners to collaborate even more closely with us to continue to improve Business Central for local markets. We’re looking for code contributors and SMEs who can review and assess a localization app meets the local requirements.

We’re already doing a bit of this. We have a community-driven process in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) for alerting us to upcoming changes in local legislation. For information about the process, see Submit alerts about country/region-specific regulatory features. By providing timely alerts and enough detail to act, partners help us deliver updates on time. Often, however, the initial requirements change after a feature is released. Requirements shift as authorities change legislation, and the need for feature changes as users experience corner scenarios. Until recently it was unlikely that these adjustments would be included in features that are already released and are in support mode.

We have introduced new ways for partners to help improve the product. One is to provide feedback and ideas on the Ideas site. Another is to contribute code to the extensions we have published to the ALAppExtensions open source repository, including country-specific extensions. Today we have extensions that address specific requirements in Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Germany, and we fully expect the number of these extensions to grow.

Because we publish country-specific functionality as apps, and because we share the source in our GitHub repo, you, our partners, can share your real-world experience with our local features by contributing to the code directly. In effect, customer feedback driving partner contributions will rapidly improve Business Central, save everyone tons of hours, and increase user satisfaction.

However, with open contributions comes a risk that some customers experience problems. That’s true for all extensions, but it’s especially important to mitigate the risk for features related to compliance. That's why we want to introduce the concept of SMEs who will review and accept code contributions together with Microsoft.

If you would like to volunteer to be an SME and work with us to review code contributions, we encourage you to apply by sending the following information to the email

  • Name
  • GitHub account (so we can request feedback from you on contributions)
  • Country or Area or specific extensions (for example, UK – means all UK extensions, DK OIOUBL or DK Banking for those apps specifically)
  • Partner name / MVP

Please use your work email, or the one used for the MVP program.
We will use it when evaluating contributors and SMEs based on your contribution history.