Finally it’s official .. And quite some information has been announced. And it’s not really surprising that it’s announced now, because last week, Microsoft World Partner Conference took place .. which is about the biggest partner-event from Microsoft. Things just need to be announced there, doesn’t it ;-)?

NAV “Crete” is going to be called NAV 2015

Or in other words: a major release! And as you will understand, this will have some consequences. This means there are going to be some changes on MPN-level (new exams, new things to consider to get your ERP competency), to CfMD (your NAV2009-customers don’t count for NAV2015 CfMD ..) .. and so on. It’s just been announced – so no details whatsoever. But I just want to give a heads up so you can take it into account the next few months.

What’s going to be in it?

Well, there has been shared some things already. Please, have a look at this Roadmap (which in my eyes, is a “changelist” ;-) ):

Cool things .. Very cool things. I have been in the feedback-program for this release, and I must say .. I understand this is a major release, just because so many things are coming, things that we were really waiting for on all levels: platform, development and application. In the next few months, there will be numerous blogposts (not only from me) that will guide you through this information in details. But here is a very short overview that I know was delivered at WPC as well:

  • Devices: we mean: clients for devices. And with devices, we mean “tablets”. I’m not able to share a screenshot just yet. At Directions, more will be shown.
  • Expressive tiles: the cues in rolecenter get more value: you can use them as KPI’s, like this screenshot:

  • The upgrade tools: part of the tools have been released with CU9. Those commandlets are soooo freaking cool. But the other part: to do the data-upgrade .. will be part of NAV2015. And that is going to save you loads of time as well .. and save you lots of errors. Do know that this is going to require some extra development-skills to understand .. But it’s minimal. It’s really a huge stem in simplifying and speeding up upgrades. All you have to do is, write your code that way, that also your code allows it more easily ;-).
  • Report: An additional way to create reports: so there is going to be an alternative for RDLC, which is going to be “Word Templates”: you are going to be able to create documents reports by designing them in Word! It’s not to replace RDLC, but you have an alternative. Customers will be able to do changes now far easier.

I only name a few here .. which I know that are already shared on WPC .. .


This is not all that is to say about NAV2015. In a way, I just wanted to share the name with you .. but ended up in already sharing some content. You should know what was shared on WPC, shouldn’t you ;-).

Excited, I am (yoda would say..) ;-).

You can find some more info on NAV2015 here:

And probably more will come in the near future ;-).