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EFT File Format in Business Central in incorrect

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Joel P Rodencal asked a question on 13 Jun 2018 3:32 PM

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I am working to get a client up and running using the EFT process in Business Central.

When I generate the file the header record it incorrect when it comes to the normal CCD format.

Is there anyway to actually modify that CCD format in BC?



Joel P Rodencal responded on 13 Jun 2018 5:11 PM

I actually finally found where I needed to go.  Not sure why the transit routing number won't right justify, but I modified the layout to have it automatically create a space after the 3 characters on the first line, and also changed the one value from a constant of A to a 1 as needed in the standard CCD EFT file format.

I ended up going to the Data Exchange Definitions windows to modify the EFT format.


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