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What is the purpose of the 'QTY Assigned" field in the Sales Line Table

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OrdinaryOrange asked a question on 12 Jun 2019 8:38 PM

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This field appears on Sales/Purchases Quote and Orders, but during a charge assignment process it is never updated.

What it this field for ?

Hannes Holst responded on 13 Jun 2019 3:41 AM
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This field is populated after the shipment/invoice is posted.

OrdinaryOrange responded on 14 Jun 2019 12:09 AM

I did some testing and noticed that when a sales quote/sales order is converted to an invoice and then posted. The records are removed from the Sales Header and Line tables (36 & 37) and then posted invoice records are created in the Sales Invoice Header and Line tables (112 & 113). Table 113 does not have fields of "QTY to assign" or "QTY assigned". So far I have not been able to effect the "QTY Assigned" field in table 37. One idea that I have not tested is to part ship and/or part invoice, which I suspect will cause a record to remain in table 37 until the sale is posted in full, and then that will result in a change to the "QTY Assigned" field of table 37 whilst the record remains.

Hannes Holst responded on 14 Jun 2019 3:19 AM
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Yes, correct. It's for partial shipments/invoices.


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