Not so much a discussion as venting.  Feeling very frustrated with the way that accounting period works.  On setting up the company just the current accounting period was set up.  After entering historical changes to accounts for comparitive purposes I then went into accounting periods so that I could add all of the periods that I wanted to be able to run reports for (eg. trial balance by period).  In thinking that it was logical that I would commence entering the first period I wanted (the F2015 year) I proceeded to enter it.  I was asked if I wanted to lock it and said yes.  I then went on to entering the F2015 year and the system does not allow it, I can only enter periods before or after the current years!  So now I'm left with accounting periods that commence on 1/7/14 to 30/06/15 and 01/07/18 to 30/06/19 and nothing in between, just a void.  This is just so silly.