I want to export XMLPort's data into a text variable after applying some filters. Currently I have this:

procedure GetJobTasksList(): Text
JobTask : Record "Job Task"; tempBlob: record TempBlob; IStream: InStream; Ostream: OutStream; StreamText: text;
JTXmlport: Xmlport 50000; begin TempBlob.Blob.CreateOutStream(Ostream);
//JTXmlPort.SetTableView(JobTask) Xmlport.Export(50000, Ostream); tempblob.blob.CreateInStream(IStream); tempblob.CalcFields(blob); StreamText := Base64Convert.StreamToBase64String(IStream); exit(StreamText); end;
If I use SetTableView on XMLPort variable (JTXmlPort) and then Use the Xmlport.Export() function it doesn't work and that makes sense. I need to be able to find a way so that I can export the data to a text variable but it should be filtered.