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Warehouse shipment report on miltiple source documents

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NIZ asked a question on 14 Jun 2019 7:25 PM

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Hello experts! 

Im setting up warehouse shipments to a client in business central online and I have a problem that i thought I ask for your help with.

When choosing post and print on a warehouse shipments with multiple source-documents, I only get the shipment document on one of the documents. For example, when I post four diffrent source documents to four different customers I want all the documents to be printed separately, insted I just get one of them. 

Am I missing a standard setup/function in NAV/BC or do I have to make a codeunit for this one? 

Have a great day! 

NIZ responded on 18 Jun 2019 3:09 AM

Just solvet this issue by confirming that the functionality is not there in BC. 


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