I have know MS suggested to use different appID for custom extension each project that we has. But i missed this one due to i was copied from the workspaces folder of another project, so everything copied for my other project including "id" on app.json file. I was changed only for the name, forgot to considering for the ID. This one was tested on the sandbox for every project we have and there's no problem so i deploying into production.

Until today, we only has 1 packages only for each project customer. Currently my senior realized that i should be not using same id on app.json file even for different project customer since MS suggested that. The problem is, if i changes the id on app.json...it will ask current installed extension need to be unpublish first and this one will erase the existing data on fields customized.

Question is,since actually there's no problem on live one even using same id in app.json with other different project. Should i keep it as it is for the project that already on production live ?

Or there's another way to changes the id in app.json without erased existing data ?

e.g : project ABC & XYZ has same id