Hi I have tabla A with a relation to another table "Table B" This table contains filed that I use to filter table A. for examples

Table A

Key    Realtion Table B

1        TypeB01

2        TypeB02

3        TypeB01

Table B

Key            field01   field02   field03

TypeB01  True        False      True

TypeB02  False        False      True

My page has a field that should list all the records of table A where the field "field01" is true. for this i need to create a filter that acces to table B fields but I don't now how to do that. Is it posible? in SQL y resolved this in this way

Select * from tableA iner join TableB on (TableA."Realtion Table B"=TableB.Key) where TableB.field01 = true

Can this be done in Business central?