Hey everyone;

Today I wanted to talk about the CRM Ideas portal which can be found at: https://crmideas.dynamics.com/ideas/. This portal is a location for everyone to place ideas, suggestions, or improvements for any of the Dynamics CRM product families. It's important to know that this isn't just a location that gets skimmed over by the Microsoft team. This is a location used that helps drives prioritization based on community feedback and ideas.

The site operates on a voting system for each idea. The best way to submit ideas is to give real world business/customer scenarios to go with your idea. This scenarios are an invaluable way to not only explain your idea but to show the value to others/Microsoft. Once you have an idea submitted it's all about communicating to others as to why they should be going to up vote your idea to the top. The product teams themselves will update the different ideas with timelines indications so you know when one of your ideas is planned for. This really is a community tool and a way for everyone involved to have a bit of a say at ideas that the community has get tackled.

Thanks for reading!