Today we're going to continue the in-depth series on Dynamics 365 Apps Part 2 which is the creation process.

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Let's jump right into how to create a Application. When we're looking at the list of applications installed we'll click on the top right button called "+ Create App".

This will bring us to the creation page of a new application. This is the information that is used to name and describe the application your creating.

The following fields are displayed:

  • Name: This is the name of the application that will be displayed to the end user.
  • Unique Name: This is the unique name for the application. It's very important in the picture you see below the prefix is "new_". This prefix is determined by the default publisher. You will want to change the prefix of the organizations default publisher before creating applications. After it's been created you won't be able to change this.
  • Description: The description of the application will be showed in tool tips and information about the application.
  • Icon: The icon field is actually a great example Microsoft starting to use web resources a bit smarter. If you were to unclick the use default image checkbox you would be prompted to select an image from all of the organizations web resources. This is important because in other areas of the application this functionality isn't being used yet; sadly we aren't able to upload an image from this location to be used.
  • App URL Suffix: This is the URL that will be defined to use the application after your regular organization URL.

After filling out the information you can click the Done button in the top right. This will launch you into the App Designer; which is a brand new interface for applications.

The new App Designer is pretty impressive overall. It allows you to get involved in designing every little detail of the Application experience; for example your able to select exactly which forms and views you'd like available to the user. 

In part 3 of the series i'll be going over in detail the different elements of the App Designer and what can be done while using it. Have a great day!