Today we're going to continue the in-depth series on Dynamics 365 Apps Part 3 which will go into detail on the functionality of the new App Designer page.

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In part 2 we discussed creating an Application within Dynamics 365. We left off with a created Application at the App Designer page. Today we're going to go through the functionality of the App Designer. We'll go through the navigation on the right and discuss each item and what's possible.


When selecting the Entities option it brings us to a list of all of the entities in your organization. It's here we will define what entities are available to be used and how they are used through your Application. It allows us to not only search and select but create new entities from here. Please remember all newly created entities here will use the default publishers prefix; this means you'll have to go set it before creating anything in the App Designer. In the screen shot below I've selected the Account entity and you can now see it shows in the Entity View on left side.

The account entity has been added with 3 different sections. The Forms, Views and Charts are now all clickable. This is the area where you specify or create new elements available to users accessing the Application. The picture below shows what happens when you select multiple forms to be available. It's worth noting that it actually categorizes the forms by form type you can see Main Form, Quick View Form, Quick Create Form in the screenshot. This is a great new control that allows selecting forms easier. I hope that we see these types of controls used in other parts of the application as well. It's a lot more visual. 

The same controls are used for the View and Chart selectors; see below.


The dashboard section allows you to select which Dashboards from your organization that the users can view or you can create a new Dashboard from here. It's important to know that if you add a dashboard that has entities or charts that aren't in your Application they will be automatically added. The picture below shows what happens when I take my Application and add the Customer Service Manager Dashboard to it.

Business Process Flows

The Business Process Flows section allows you to select which Business Process Flows from your organization that the users can view or you can create a new Business Process Flows from here. The same idea is applied to this section as the dashboards; if you add a business process flow that doesn't have it's components in the application it will automatically add them.

Site Map Designer

The Site Map editor to me is a thing of beauty. I wished we had this functionality ever where else in the Dynamics 365 Application. It truly allows you to build a navigation with links external to Dynamics 365. In part 4 we will go into detail on the Site Map functionality specifically! I'll leave you with an image of the Sitemap Designer.