Hi Everyone,

Have you noticed new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Admin Center preview:

As you can see new enhancement of the Dynamics 365 Admin center, you can see enriched view for instance the environments  have clear view of the environment name, Type, State, Current Usage, Database Version.

Looking at the left hand side of the screen the "help + support": you can request for support request.
> Analytics :

   Common Data Services : CDS shows the active users, User-Mode of Access, Content Usage, System Jobs, Plug-ins, API Calls Statistics, Mailbox Usage, Storage

Data Policies: Data loss prevention policies set by tenant admins can be applied to one or more environments. An environment is a virtual space for data, apps, and flows. Users may have access to a single or multiple environments.

You can create new policy according to your Organisation requirement.

There are options like
1) Apply to ALL environments
2) Apply to ONLY selected environments : If you have multiple environments like dev, test and productions.
3) Apply to ALL environments EXCEPT : Similar kind of choosing except the selected environment.

Data Integration:

Project: You can  create new project and can create connection sets for Data Integration.

Tenant: Expand the tenant then you should have capability to see the list of active users licenses and Quotas about the total Flow run on the environment.

Moving on to the Admin Portals;

> Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement: when accessed this link it will navigate to the dynamics 365.
> Microsoft Flow: Navigate to the home page of Microsoft Flow.
> PowerApps: Navigate to the home page of Power Apps
> PowerBI: Navigate to the home page of PowerBI.

I hope this helps.

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