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I am happy to share about our Company  GMR IT SOLUTIONS LIMITED  has been  successfully delivering

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training for customers SMB'S , SME's, Corporate Customers and End Client's across United Kingdom.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
{Customer Service, Sales, Marketing}
Customizations,Solutions,Integration,Relationships, Web Resources, process,Plugin,Business Rules, Workflow, Dashboards and Charts, Report.

Power BI
Connecting With Data,Query Editor, Data Models, Data Visualizations,DAX,Reports and Dashboard.

Voice of customer: 
Installation and Configuration, Plan Survey, Design and Distribute Survey, Design an Advance survey, Analyze survey data

Project Service Automation:
Opportunity Management, Project Planning, Resource Management, Team Collaboration, Time and Expenses, Customer Billing, Service Analytics

Field Service:
Setup and Configure Field Service, Manage Work Order, Schedule and dispatch work orders, Manage Field service mobility , manage inventory and purchasing, manage the connected field service solutions, manage agreements.

Create and design Portals,Manage and configure Portals, Manage and Customize Content.

Unified Service Desk:
Installation, Create Hosted Connection, Toolbar, Search function, session Lines, Association View

Configuration and Setup, Activation , Manage KPI Run Games, gamification Setting, Point Scoring, Schedule emails, Weekly awards, Configure stream tv.

Introduction and Overview, Building Application, Infrastructure,Strong, Data, Securing Azure Applications.

Talent: Onboard, HR and Core HR.
Business Central:
Finance and Operations:
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