Within Unified Service Desk (USD) Agent Scripts you can flag one (or more) scripts as being start tasks. But what does this mean?

In previous posts I have explained how to create Agent Scripts and dynamically load them using the “GoTo” action.

Another method to launch an agent script is to use the start task feature. Whenever a session starts, if you have any scripts flagged as start scripts that script will load.

When creating an agent script you simply set the start task field ot “Yes”.

In my example below I have flagged two scripts as start tasks, this has the effect of triggering a “special” menu that allows the user to pick the script they would like to follow. In my example I wrote two scripts, one on how to greet potential customers and another for existing customers. My “menu” is also shown below;


Having selected the script I wish to follow the screen changes to display that script. So in my simple example, clicking “Start Script – Customers” the following script was shown.

I think this approach of using start tasks may work well if you need to have a generic script which is common to all types of sessions.