I have just completed and passed the MB2-706 certification. (Online deployment certification.)

Interesting as the first certification I have completed online, not sure I’ll rush towards taking the exam on-line again.

I can’t / won’t break the NDA by mentioning specific questions but if you are preparing for the exam, the first tip I have it to actually prepare for the MB2-708 and MB2-706 exams together. There is a large amount of cross over. (MB2-708 being the CRM installations exam.)

I expected the main focus of MB2-706 to be Office 365 admin of CRM subscriptions and instances. Don’t get me wrong that stuff is covered but the exam goes quite a bit wider than that. Review the skills measured on the Microsoft site and ensure you have EVERYTHING covered.

I was unprepared for the number of questions about Outlook deployment and Email Router set-up.  So much so that I did the unthinkable and failed first time out! Just shows that the old saying of “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” is bang on.

The “positive” was I got to try out using second shot! Your second attempt is currently still free with second shot. Originally this involved a lengthy process of obtaining a voucher and entering the code when you book the exam. They have made the process smoother these days, if you are eligible for second shot its automatically allocated when you book the exam.

Several questions came up about the process of upgrading from CRM2013 to CRM2015. When you are conducting research for the exam don’t just focus on a vanilla install. Look at any specific considerations for folks moving from earlier versions of CRM.

Be prepared for frustration with some questions! All the questions are valid in the wider context of a CRM deployment but quite a few seemed irrelevant for an online deployment exam.  But to be fair Microsoft do make this clear in the skills measured. The word server appears six times in the administration section of the skills measured, that should have been my clue that some questions might feel more aligned to an on premise deployment exam. This area of the skills measured does not have a focus on online deployment and as this is up to 25% of the questions you should expect a significant number of questions that might feel off topic.

server word