Welcome to the next instalment in my series of posts aimed at anyone preparing for the MB2-712 certification. (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization and Configuration). This time I am going to look at Mailboxes.

There is some cross over here with other CRM exams. Some of the concepts of setting up email are common to other exams. Below are a couple of posts I created for the MB2-713 exam, they talk about email integration in terms of server and email client options.

Integration (Email Server)

Integration (Email Clients)

These are certainly worth reading so that you appreciate email server options including Outlook, Server-side synchronizations and email router. And from the client perspective that you are aware of the Outlook App and CRM for Outlook client.

These topics are important to understand but from a customization and configuration point of view we need to consider email and specifically mailboxes in a slightly different light. As from a configuration point of view we need to know how to configure mailboxes for use by users and queues. Plus, we need to be aware that once the mailbox has been created workflows and record creation rules can be customized to interact with the mailbox.

When a queue is created (or a user) a mailbox record is also created. See below that I have created a queue to handle support queries. A mailbox called “Email Support” was automatically created as the queue was created.

Opening the mailbox, you can see that I have set incoming and outgoing email to use server-side synchronization. (Other options are available refer to my earlier posts for details.)

Now I need to approve and then test & enable the mailbox before it can receive email. The test can take a few minutes but once complete you will see the status on the mailbox update. (Tip:
You might have to refresh the CRM page a few times!)

This process of approving email and test & enable of the mailbox must be completed before any workflows or record creation rules can work with this mailbox.

From a customization and configuration point of view this is pretty straight forward. But reading my earlier posts on email integration options is good background information to have. J

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