Are you interested in Microsoft’s Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365 or the brand-new Omni-channel Engagement Hub? Are you in or able to get to Australia in August? Then this post is for you …

I have teamed up with fellow MVP and Australian Dynamics 365 superstar Neil Benson to host three USD master classes at various Microsoft offices across Australia. Including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

If your interested in Unified Service Desk you may have already come across my blog! As I’ve been working with USD right from its first version. I believe my initial USD project was the first live USD implementation in Europe. Since then I’ve had a passion for Unified Service Desk and I often blog about it. So much so that I’ve created a collection of posts that I call The USD Book. It’s probably one of the best sources for USD information.

I attend as many events as possible often promoting the virtues of USD, just this week I will be speaking in Glasgow and Manchester. Plus, you may be able to see me at 365 Saturday in Melbourne!

I’ve implemented USD in multiple companies, including an insurance broker, a high street bank, a major telecoms company and even the emergency contact centre for a large police force.

As if that wasn’t enough I’ve created a free to download “product” called The USD Accelerator. It helps people get started with USD. Many people have used it to support initial demonstrations and live deployments. I’ve even known technical specialists at Microsoft to use it to support their demos!

More recently I’ve been working with the new Omni-channel Engagement Hub, so much so that I hope to release a new version of my USD Accelerator that fully supports it very soon. (My presentation at 365 Saturday in Melbourne will include a preview!)

Because of this, we have decided to also include the Omni-channel Engagement Hub in our training. If you don’t know … the Omni-channel Engagement Hub is Microsoft’s new kid on the block. It provides many “USD style” features but directly within a browser. And at the same time can still be fully integrated with Unified Service Desk to support your more complex requirements.

We are currently working out the exact contents of all the lessons, more will be released on that soon. But I can say we’ll run three master classes at multiple locations. In Melbourne and Sydney, we’ll host two-day training courses covering the basics of USD and giving an introduction into the omni-channel engagement hub. In Brisbane we’ll add an extra day to dive deeper into some more advanced concepts.

In day one, I’ll explain how to build your first USD application. Including search capabilities, session management, agent scripts and more.

In day two, we’ll expand on day one by looking at how to add code into your application, use forms to give notifications to agents and more. Plus, I’ll explain how to migrate your USD configuration from development into production. I will also include an introduction into the omni-channel engagement hub and contrast its capabilities with USD.

In Brisbane our third days training will include some more advanced topics. Including seeing how to route cases (or any entity) to the Omni-channel Engagement Hub. I’ll also introduce some more advanced topics such as how to implement telephony within USD using a CTI listener. I also plan to share some tricks I’ve learnt, such as how to integrate Canvas Apps with Unified Service Desk. (Which is a great way to extend USD without having to resort to code.)

Whilst these training days will be intense you don’t need to worry if you’re not a hard-core coder. The intention is to explain how you can create a fully functional USD application without code. But if you are a coder …. you’ll be learning the concepts that will steer you in the right direction! (I’m a great believer in configure first, code second.)

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be planning this trip to Australia, I’ve never been before! So, combing my passion for Unified Service Desk with my love of travelling is hopefully going to be amazing.

Please come and join us … you can find the registration links below;




We are offering some early bird reduced prices. Spaces for these are limited so please register now to avoid disappointment.

See you in Australia ….