Unified Service Desk (USD) is a fantastic addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

It allows developers to quickly create an interface suitable for use in a contact centre environment.

Everyone has to start somewhere! I have created a series of videos designed to help the complete beginner get started with USD. Each module will build on the previous providing a “complete” solution by the end of the training.

Hopefully these step by step guides will help make learning USD an easy process.

Title Summary Date Last Modified
Module 1 – What is USD? Introduction explaining what USD is and its main components. August 2016
Module 2 – Installing USD How to install USD. August 2016
Module 3 – First Global Tab Create your first tab in USD to display your CRM homepage. August 2016
Module 4 – Create a Search Toolbar Create a toolbar with an option to search for contacts and accounts August 2016
Module 5 – Create a Session Create a session from the search function. August 2016
Module 6 – Associated Views Create a tab containing associated view of cases. August 2016
Module 7 – Open Tabs in Sessions Using window navigation rules to open tabs in sessions. August 2016
Module 8 – Notes and Navigation Toolbar Create ability to take notes and add to entities from a navigation toolbar. August 2016
Module 9 – Agent Scripts Create a simple agent script. August 2016
Module 10 – Debugger Setup and use the debugger. August 2016
Module 11 – Migrate Changes How to export USD configuration from one organisation and import into another. August 2016

You can of course see my blog for more details on USD at neilparkhurst.com.

In particular check out my USD “book“. J

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