Recently I did a quick modification that you might find useful, I wanted the call handler to be able to see their personal wall in the right panel. Simply to help keep them updated on recent events.

I did hit a couple of challenges with this concept but I solved those and describe below how I achieved my solution.

The result is shown below;

Wall - 1

Notice that I have added a home button, this is useful to have if the operator navigates away from the wall or wants to refresh. I have described how to add a home button here.

First of all you’ll need to create a hosted control to hold the wall tab, mine looked like the one below.

Wall - Hosted Control

Note that the component type is “CRMPage” and that the application is ticked as global. Plus my display area is “RightPanel”.

Next create an action which can be called to display the personal wall web resource in the tab. Mine looked like this;

Wall - Action Call

The hosted control will be the one you just added, the action is “Navigate”. The data portion then defines the url to load. You’ll need it to include;


Now you’ll need to decide how to initially trigger the action. In my example I did this by adding some actions to the desktopready event of the global connector.

Wall - Global Manager Desktopready Event

Firstly, you can see that I added the action call I’ve just described to show the wall. (The one with order 5 above.) Then I have added two additional actions, which are optional. The first is one I commonly use to expand the right panel. This is because I wanted to open the RightPanel when USD loads to “force” the operators to read their wall.

The second optional action is one to prevent the user from closing the wall tab. I’ve done this as I always want the tab to be available. You will find that I have described how to create both of these action types in earlier posts.

The above steps will give you a copy of the personal wall in the right panel, but I wasn’t happy!

The problem I saw was that the panel will not auto-refresh as new posts hit the wall. It relied on the user clicking a home button I added to the navigation toolbar in wall hosted control. I felt that a auto-refreshing wall would be better, as I feared the users wouldn’t get value if the information wasn’t fresh. (See here for details of how to add a home button.)

In my solution, I solved this issue by adding the action call I’ve just created to fire the home event as a sub action on the left panel close. I did this as I’d already added actions to open / close the left panel when sessions start or close. My thought process being that the wall would refresh each time the operator closed a session, when typically they might have updated data which would show in the wall.

Hopefully you can find a similar approach in your application to force a refresh of the wall tab. (For example, you could add an action call to any close event of a commonly used tab.)

I hope you find this concept useful, I think I’ll be using it again!!