Demo of Dynamics CRM Integration with Complex Workflow

Demo of Dynamics CRM Integration with Complex Workflow

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CRM Workflows are a great way to get business done surrounding CRM entities and activities. Often, a BPM tool is necessary to design a more complex workflow with multiple paths and logic. This workflow must know how to integrate and interact with CRM records, users and entities, in order to be effective. The following demo shows how PNMsoft's Sequence Kinetics iBPMS enables a business to design a customer on-boarding workflow, focusing on the points of contact with the CRM:

To learn more about CRM-Workflow integration, see this page:

  • Thank you for sharing - very interesting.

    Do you have any guidance on when to implement part of your Enterprise workflow in Dynamics CRM and when to implement it outside in a tool such as Sequence Kinetics? I've found that a hybrid - hand off style approach can be very effective.

  • Hi Scott,

    I would implement straightforward, linear workflows in Dynamics CRM. As soon as there is more complexity involved, such as working with several entities, integration with other systems or non-linear flow (e.g. loops, parallel paths), I would recommend a third-party tool such as Sequence Kinetics. Sequence Kinetics is now fully integrated with Dynamics CRM from the end-user's point of view (end users can manage workflows from within Dynamics CRM using our add-on solution) so really its just a mattter of the level of complexity. Hope that helps!