It seems like the blogger is copying some my blogs and other CRM blogs, so if you are a CRM blogger you might want to check the blog written by Srikanth Reddy to see if he has copied one of your blog posts.

on to the examples

Here is my blog

and here is the copy, the exact copy

amusing the blogger has left in references to variables with the word Hosk and links to other Javascript blogs he has written which point back to my blog.

The reason I noticed this was because commented in one my blogs that the examples I had used were too complex and he had written a blog with more basic examples!!!!

I thought I should mention it here because he may have copied other peoples blog posts

like this one

where he claims to have written a javascript tool to convert Javascript CRM 4 to CRM 2011.  Where I am pretty sure Rhett Clinton wrote that

and here is the real blog post


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