I recently had a few issues with Status Reasons and the number associated with a status reason

CRM 2013 – Understanding Status and Status Reason – think before deleting them

This lead me to have to add a Status Reason into CRM using CRM SDK because I couldn’t figure out where the default number of a new status reason was being calculated.

CRM 2013 – How add a status reason using the CRM SDK

Default option set value

Today I figured out where the number was coming from when you create a new option set.  This value is set in the publisher.  There is a field called Option Value Prefix

OptionSet default value


When I go into my Hosk Solution, which uses the Hosk Publisher and create a new option set, it takes the default value from the publisher


OptionSet default value 1

The default value is also used for new Status Reasons

OptionSet default value 2

Customize from the default solution

The default solution includes all the customizations in CRM and this is the solution you access when you choose customize the system.

To understand solutions read more in the blog post below

CRM 2013 – Understanding Solutions and how they work

What values will be used when you add a new option set or status reason when editing the default solution

The status reason seemed to still use the default value in my new publisher.  This was unusual because I would have expected it to use the value in the Default publisher which was 10000 because this is the publisher specified in the Default Solution?  The default publisher is read only so this cannot be changed.

OptionSet default value 4

I did a bit more digging and found CRM seems to calculate which solution the entity is in and then uses the solution option value prefix even if you edit it using whilst in the default solution.

When I added a new optionset it did use the value in the default publisher

OptionSet default value 3

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