A potential customer asked about the eService Accelerator and if it was available in CRM 2011 and had the bugs and problems been fixed.  I’m sure this is a common question, especially for those CRM 4 users who have use the eService Accelerator and are thinking about upgrading (brave people)

I hadn’t used the accelerator but I did recall a couple of Accelerators having been brought across sometime back in May.

I had a look but couldn’t see any accelerator called eService and then I found this forum post which explain things to me.

The eService accelerator was deprecated in CRM 4, with all of the functionality being replaced by the customer portal accelerator.  The customer portal was released last spring for CRM 4. The eService accelerator was not upgraded to CRM 2011, but the Customer Portal accelerator was upgraded and is now available in the marketplace at the following url:


Support for the CRM 2011 version of the customer portal is available at this url:


The customer portal for CRM 4 is available at this url:



So it seems it has been renamed to the customer care portal.  The first thing I noticed is that on the Dynamic Marketplace not one person has reviewed it? have a look here.  I know not many people use the marketplace but this seemed very odd.

I then had a look on codeplex and found this http://crmcca.codeplex.com/ but it had only been downloaded 60 times.

I have tried to install one of the accelerators before and even working through the instructions line by line I couldn’t get it to work and then gave up but maybe the documentation has been improved.

I found this blog which seems to be a decent guide to getting started



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