The first thing I am going to add is this is totally UNSUPPORTED by Microsoft so think twice about doing this on a production server for a client.  Hopefully Microsoft will swiftly pull their finger Also my method involves installing CRM 2011 as Network Service which isn’t the most secure so take that into account before reading on.

For some reason CRM 2011 and Windows Server 2012 are not compatible, this strikes me as crazy.  I would also like to add that the flipping charms menu would refuse to pop up for ages and without a windows key (remote desktop) this was amazingly frustrating

Surely this should be the top priority of Microsoft to get their products working with the latest software and server versions and I would imagine they could have resolved a lot of these problems by installing CRM 2011 on a Windows Server 2012 beta or demo version.

So I am in the position that the customer has installed the latest software which is something you would think Microsoft would want but Microsoft software products don’t support this yet.

enough ranting

Firstly a massive thank you to Daniel Cai who worked out how to get passed the fact Windows Server 2012 does not have an Indexing Service and CRM 2011 demands an indexing service and its usually one of the things you have to enable on a server before you install CRM 2011.

The trick was quite clever basically copying the indexing command line and dll files into the SYSTEM32 folder.

So the first step in installing CRM 2011 on Windows Server 2012 is going to Daniel’s blog and run through the instructions

If you tried that and it didn’t work then you will need to uninstall CRM (sorry I should have told you earlier but it might have worked and installing practise is always good).

I will also add I tried all sorts of combinations trying to install CRM 2011 on Windows Server 2012 but I kept getting the error

IIS 8 not supported, final screen, setup failed

When installing CRM you need to specify the user as Network Service.  After this CRM 2011 should install as normal.

Be warned it will pop up a few errors

don’t worry it will still rumble through the installation.

Also when I finished installing CRM 2011 it did not automatically pop the SRSConnector install, so you will have to manually go into CRM install files and run that.

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