We are now two weeks into the new year.   How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions?

A new year is also a great time to re-evaluate how your CRM environment is doing, and make changes to improve system performance and get more use from the system. 

Shape up

What update rollup are you on?  If you can’t answer that question, chances are you may not have updated for a while.  To find out what update rollup is installed on your system, go to your Control Panel and select Programs and Features (in Windows 2003, Add/Remove Programs), and click the link to show installed updates.  Under Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you will see installed updates. 

You do not have to install every update, but I recommend staying within the past 3-4.

The latest Update Rollup for CRM 4, Update Rollup 15, was just released today.  You can read the KB article here and download the bits here.  Highlights of this release include increased compatibility with Internet Explorer 9, and fixes to an issue that in some cases prevented synchronization of appointments with some mobile devices.

Slim down

How big is your database?  If you have been using CRM for years, chances are that your database might be growing.  Here are some things that you can do to reduce database bloat and improve system performance:

  • Check the MSCRM database table sizes.  In SQL 2005 or 2008, there are a set of standard database reports that can be run in SQL Management Studio that will tell you the size of tables in your MSCRM database.  One of the best is Disk Usage by Top Table.  This is a good report to run periodically to see how your CRM database is growing.  Look for tables such as ActivityMimeAttachment and asynchoperationbase—these are tables that can grow unchecked.


Get smart

We’re about a week away from the global launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  Time to get ready: