The Microsoft DynamicsTM CRM 4.0 Performance Toolkit (toolkit) was created by the Microsoft CRM product team to formalize testing of Microsoft CRM 4.0.  The performance toolkit can be used by the Microsoft CRM partners and customers to collect data to support their CRM deployment decisions.

Customers have been using the toolkit for the past 3 years in many ways to help reduce risk and increase user adoption of their Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 4.0 solution.  A few examples of how customers are using the toolkit are:

  • To get a performance baseline for their existing environment
  • To determine how many users they can get on their system before their environment does not perform adequately
  • To test measure the effect of different deployment options (physical vs. virtual, database mirroring, new version of SQL Server, etc…)

For more details on how customers are using the toolkit to make their Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM deployments successful, join Mike Gast and me on our podcast where we discuss the toolkit, and how customers are using it.

If you are looking for assistance in getting up to speed on using the toolkit, or if you want help testing a specific scenario, the Premier Field Engineering team at Microsoft offers a service called the Microsoft® Dynamics Benchmark Hands on Lab.  This service can give you the jump start you need from experts in the field.

For more information on the Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 4.0 Performance Toolkit, please visit the CRM Product Team Blog post on the CRM Performance Toolkit, and you can also download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Performance Toolkit from CodePlex.

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Happy Testing!